The Drake Studios was established in support of a common goal: shooting and producing great content to both build brands and impact people. And that’s exactly what we do. From full-scale commercial and feature shoots, to corporate videos, to still photography – we’ve done it. Think of us as soup-to-nuts content production – but with a little cayenne throughout. What is content these days, you may ask? Content to us is any idea or message expressed through any medium. It’s the Facebook post you just checked out, the video you just watched on your favorite store’s website, and the podcast you just listened to on your drive home.

What does all of that mean for The Drake Studios? It means that while we are experts in production, we know the value of integration in today’s market and have a vast network of top talent at the helm to deliver cross medium executions. And while we’re newly formed, we’re certainly not new to the scene. With over 12 years of combined video, audio and still image production experience – including over 5 years at a leading US advertising agency – our services go beyond simply slapping videos and images together to promote a brand. We understand that creative strategies and target audience behavioral insights are truly what brings engaging content to life – and that effective content management strategies are so critical to driving it. So, that’s what we help to define as the basis of any creative production.